KPK Textbook Board All Books For Class 11th & 12th

In this post, you will get all textbooks of the Kpk board for class 11th and 12th in pdf form free download. We have worked very hard to provide you the best study materials for inter exams. You can use these books for your board and entry tests exams like ETEA, NMDCAT, NUMS, and NTS.

This package includes a Textbook of Biology for class 11th, textbook of Biology for class 12th, textbook of Chemistry class 11th, textbook of Chemistry class 12th, textbook of Physics for class 11th, and textbook of Physics for class 11th. You can also get all boards textbooks in pdf format for free.

In first-year Biology, Bioenergetics is the study of those processes by which living organisms can store, use, and release energy. Photosynthesis is a process in which the green plants convert light energy into chemical form. The organic molecules of food are broken down and the stored energy is released in the process of respiration.

Photorespiration is a process that reduces the yield of photosynthesis because the active site of Rubisco accepts O2 in place of CO2 and generates no ATP. This usually occurs on hot, dry days when stomata are closed and the O2 concentration in the leaf exceeds that of CO2, thereby competing for a common active site.

KPK Textbook Board Books Class 11th

In 2nd year Chemistry, The transition elements are those elements that have partially filled d or f orbitals either in their atomic state or in any common oxidation state. The oxidation state of an element is related to the total number of electrons that an atom loses, gains, or appears to use when joining with another atom in compounds. 

Transition metals have similarities in their structure hence they can replace one another in the metallic lattices and form alloys. Coordination compounds have definite geometrical shapes because the bond formed between the central metal atom and the ligands is directional in nature.

In the 2nd year Biology of Kpk textbook, Homeostasis is the tendency of an organism or cell to regulate its internal conditions, such as the chemical composition of its body fluids, to maintain health and functioning, regardless of the outside environment of the organisms.

At the last of this post, you will get the download links for all textbooks of  Kpk text board both for both class 11th and class 12th in pdf format. You can use these books for kinds of exams. Matric and Inter are the basic steps of a student's future, If you score great in these four years of schooling, then you can garb strong feet in a bright future.

KPK Textbook Board Books Class 12th

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