KPK Textbook Board Physics Book For class 11th

In this post, we are going to provide the latest KPK textbook of Physics for class 11th. Measurement is the first chapter of class 11th physics. After studying the Measurement chapter students will be able to describe the scope of physics in science, technology, and society. To describe the state of SI base units, derived units, and supplementary units for the purpose of measurement of various objects.

In this first chapter students will express derived units as products or quotients of the base units. To explain the conversion for indicating units as set out in the SI units. Students will explain uncertainty in the measurements, distinguish between systematic errors and random errors. Learner will be able to identify that least count or resolution of a measuring instrument is the smallest increment measureable by it.

Students will differentiate between precision and accuracy, assess the uncertainty in a derived quantity by simple addition of actual, fractional or percentage uncertainties, quote answers with correct scientific notation, number of significant figure and units in all numerical and practical work.

There are different significance of vector product which includes. By using vector product, we can determine the area of a parallelogram. Using vector, we can determine the torque or moment of force. We can also determine the angular momentum of a body during angular motion.

Equilibrium is the state of a body , under the action of several forces acting together and there is no change in the translational motion as well as its rotational motion. When a body is at rest then its acceleration will be zero and it will be in state of static equilibrium. Similarly , when a body is moving with uniform velocity, then the body will have no acceleration and it will be in state of dynamic equilibrium.

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