Federal Board [FBISE] Biology Book for Class 12th

Federal textbook board developed a very conceptual  book of biology for class 12th. This book has been created by expert team of academic writers of federal textbook board. In this book every topic has been discussed very clearly by the professors of zoology. 2nd year biology is mostly composed of zoology. So in my case zoology is easier then botany. Regardless of the mined of every students.

There are four section in the Federal board text book of biology for class 12th. Life Process first Section which includes Respiration, Homeostasis, Support and Movement, Nervous Coordination, Chemical Coordination, and Behavior. The second section of biology is the Continuity in life which are Reproduction, Development and aging, Inheritance, Chromosome and DNA, Evolution.

The third section of biology is Ecology which includes Man and His Environment. Last section is the application of biology which includes Biotechnology, and Biology and Human Welfare. In the first chapter of biology we study about the respiratory surfaces and its properties. To describe the structure and functions of the components of human respiratory system.

After studying this chapter of biology the students must be able to define and describe the ventilation mechanism in humans, describe and explain the lung volume, explain the transport of oxygen, and carbon dioxide through blood. Also describe the role of respiratory pigments. 

Students must be able to understand and explain the causes, symptoms, and treatment of upper respiratory tract infections like sinusitis and lower reparatory tract infections like pulmonary tuberculosis. At the end we have provided the direct download links for federal board text book of biology for class 12th.

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