Federal Board [FBISE] Biology Book for Class 11th

Biology for federal board class 11th was created according to the National Curriculum 2006. While developing this book for  biology for class 11th , writers kept it in mined that they must includes higher thinking, deep knowledge, problem solving substantive conversation and connection. Which is beyond the class room and to achieve the highest possible target set by the curriculum.

There are 13 chapters and 3 sections in the text book of biology federal board for class 11th. Section 1 Including of  Cell Structure and Functions, Biological Molecules, Enzymes, and Bioenergetics. The section 2 includes A cellular Life, Prokaryotes, Protests and Fungi, Diversity among Plants, and Diversity among Animals. The last section 3 includes Form and function in plants, Digestion, Circulation, and Immunity.

In the first chapter of biology for class 11th students are advised to learn and must be able to List the principles, and to identify the apparatus used in the technique of fractionation. There are different procedure and techniques in biology to identify cells and also identify and treat different cellular organelles.

After finishing this first chapter of biology the students must be able to describe the terms of resolution and magnification with reference to microscopy. Students must be able to explain the use micrometer and describes the locations of different organelles at different levels of cells.

Students must explain chemical composition of plasma membrane and the significance of the primary and secondary cell walls and middle lamella that are present between two neighboring cells. Students must also be able to explain the fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane or cell membrane.

At the end of this post now students can easily download the FBISE Federal board Biology book for class 11th. Just click on the below '' Download '' text then the download will be automatically started and you will get this book in pdf format for free.

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