Sindh Textbook Board Biology Book For class 11th

There are three different sections in the textbook of the biology of  Sindh board Jamshoro for class 11th. Which are Cell biology, Biodiversity, and life processes. The first section is Cell structure and function, Biological Molecules, Enzymes, and Bioenergetics. The second '' Biodiversity '' includes  Acellular life, Prokaryotes, Protests, and fungi, Diversity among Plants, Diversity among Animals. The last portion includes Form and function in plants, Digestion, Circulation, Immunity. 

The first chapter of biology focuses students to list the principles and identify the apparatus used in the techniques of fractionation, differential staining, centrifugation, microdissection, tissue culture, chromatography, electrophoresis, and spectrophotometry. Students must be able to describe the terms of resolution and magnification concerning microscopy.

In the middle of this chapter,, students will learn about the use of graticule and micrometer and the units used in micrometry. Biochemistry is the branch of biology that explains the biochemical process of life. Now it is the most important branch of biology especially nowadays it has much excitement and activity in it due to several reasons some are given below.

The first thing, because it provides all information about all the processes that are carried out in the living organism, from the constriction/ building of the body structures to the flow of information from the nucleus, especially DNA for enzyme and that's protein synthesis and control of all the mechanisms.

Secondly, it provides all information about abnormal mechanisms which can lead the body to diseases. Ultimately it opens the doors to the development of medicines and medical equipment to all these kinds of abnormalities.

Now at the end, you can directly download the Sindh Textbook Board Jamshoro Biology Book For class 11th in pdf format. Just click on the download button and the download will start automatically. Here you can download all boards textbooks in pdf form for free.

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