Sindh Textbook Board Chemistry Book For class 11th

Now you can easily download the Text book of Chemistry for class 11th for Sindh board Jamshoro. The branch of chemistry which deals with the rate or speed at which a chemical reaction takes place is called chemical kinetics. The rate of reaction is not a constant quantity but changes with concentration of reactant.

The reactions in which rate of reaction is directly proportional to the concentration of two reacting substances each raised to the first power are called the second order of reaction. Third order reaction is one in which the rate of reaction is directly proportional to the molar concentration of three reacting substances, each raised to the first power.

In order to determine the order of a reaction the first step is to measure the rate of the reaction. The rate of any reaction is determined from the change of concentration of any species per unit time. The change in the concentration is determined by both physical and chemical methods.

The rate of reaction depends upon the concentration of reactants and gives us the clue about the order of reaction. For a reactions involving only one reactant, if there is no effect on rate of reaction when the concentration of reactant increase two times of initial value. Then the reaction is first order.

The minimum amount of energy required by reactant molecules to form activated complex before conversion into products is called energy of activation. It is represented by Ea. Students can easily download the text book of class 11th for Sindh board Jamshoro. This book can be used for inter board exams. Now you can directly download by just clicking the download button below.

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