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Here we are going to provide you the chemistry book of the textbook board of Punjab Pakistan. We are working to provide the best materials for your study so that study at your home. Preparation from textbooks is very very important because the full paper will be based on the Punjab textbook board.

In the chemistry book for class 11th, we normally talk about the basics of chemistry. We always start with basic concepts of chemistry like Atom, Molecule, etc. Atom is considered the building block of matters. In the past time, it was the concept of early scientists that matter is made up of simple, indivisible, and invisible particles called atoms.

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The word 'Atom' is derived from the Greek word "atomos" which means indivisible. But this idea of Greek philosophers was not any experimental pieces of evidence and it gets fail. 

In 1808, John Dalton, an English teacher, developed the law of conservation of matter and the law of definite proportions. He introduced the atomic theory which states that all matter is composed of atoms of different elements, which differ in their properties.

Now atom is the smallest particle of any element, which can also take part in a chemical reaction. Modern research shows that an atom is composed of more than 100 subatomic particles just like an electron, proton, hyperon, neutrino, and anti-neutrino, etc.

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Actually, It is not possible to see the atoms with naked eyes but it's possible to see the evidence of atoms by using an electron microscope. We can not get a clear and accurate image of an object that is smaller than the wavelength of visible light. 

The other important topic in the basic concepts of chemistry is a molecule. The molecule is considered the smallest particle of a pure substance that can also exist independently.

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That's all about the Punjab Textbook Board Chemistry Book class 11th. We are providing free educational stuff to help you during your study. If you have any issues then you can simply comment here below.

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