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Physics is that branch of science that deals with properties of matter, energy, and their mutual relationship is known as physics. We are going to post the Punjab textboard book of physics for class 11th. The scope and importance of physics are very vast in this technological world.

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Physics has always played an important role in the life of human beings. For example. Electronic media like radio, T.V, loudspeaker, telephone, cellphone, photo phone, Fax machine, etc. are the important sources of communication that works on the principles of physics.

Information technology is based on the principle of physics which is the scientific method of storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, receiving, and retrieving information.

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The whole world has become a global village due to the use of computer networks which work on the basis of principles of physics. The production of x-rays, laser rays, etc. is the invention of physics. which can be used in the industries of health and agriculture for various purposes.

Cathode Rays Oscilloscope [ C.R.O] is another big invention of physics. That can be used as a graph plotting device to see and measure the waveform of repetitive electronic signals. This C.R.O can be used in T.V circuits, in the computer system, and as A.C circuits or D.C circuits.

Punjab Textbook Board Chemistry Book For class 11th | Pdf Download

All means of transport like airplanes, electric buses, motors, cycles, railways, etc. all are working on the principle of physics. Electricity is the invention of physics, without which we can not imagine any machine in working conditions.

Here we have provided the Punjab Textbook Board Physics Book for class 11th. You can also download all other notes, guides, books free for study. Happy study.

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Punjab Textbook Board Physics Book For class 12th | Pdf Download

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