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In this post students will get the text book of physics for class 11th Sindh text book board Jamshoro in soft pdf form for free. Friction is a self adjusting force, it does not however increase indefinitely with the external force. Thus if the external force F is gradually increased, the force of friction reaches a maximum or limiting value which depends on the nature of the surface in contact and the magnitude of the normal reaction between them.

The body is now on the point of sliding and the friction then exerted is called limiting friction between the two surfaces under the given normal force. If the external force be increased further, the equilibrium will be lost and the body begins to move.

Sliding friction is slightly less than the limiting friction. If when the equilibrium is limiting, the normal reaction and the frictional force be compounded into a resultant single force, the angle which this resultant makes with the normal to the surface is called the angle of friction and the single force called the resultant reaction.

Friction has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Some times we have to increase the friction. When the brakes of a moving car are applied, its brake shoes come in contact with the moving wheels causing an increase in friction and thus resulting in the stoppage of the car.

Quantitative discussions of motion are based on the measurement and calculation of positions, displacements, velocities, and accelerations. For this, we developed the equations of motion for motion with constant acceleration. 

At the end of this post you can easily download the text book of Physics for class 11th of Sindh board Jamshoro. You can prepare yourself for your board exams and for entry tests like, MDCAT, NUMS, NTS, etc. Just simply click on the download button below then the download will start automatically.

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