Punjab Textbook Board Chemistry Book class 12th

Now you can get Punjab textbook board Chemistry book class for 12th. There are two different portions in chemistry for class 12th. The one is organic and the other one is inorganic. Most of the students found the organic portion is the most difficult. 

But I do not think that way they face difficulties in the organic portion of chemistry for class 12th. But do not worry because we are providing different kinds of class notes that make it easy for your study in any case and in any situation.

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The scientific information is classified in order to make scientific knowledge more systematic. In the field of science whenever scientists gather information then it becomes necessary to classify. Then this provides a clear idea of scientific facts and makes it easier for everyone to understand easily.

Classification makes easy any field to understand. So the classification of elements enables scientists to understand and interpret the properties of elements easily. So for 109 total elements have been discovered. 

Those elements that are similar in properties have been placed in the same group directed in verticle columns. The periodic table is the arrangement of similar elements into groups. This classification and a similar arrangement of elements have greatly facilitated the study of elements and their compounds.

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Atoms of elements with similar electronic configurations are placed in the same group. So Hydrogen has only one electron in its atomic orbitals and has the electronic configuration 1S1. When it loses one electron then it converts into H+ or it can gain one electron.

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