Sindh Textbook Board Chemistry Book For class 12th

In this post, students can download the textbook of chemistry for class 12th of Sindh Board Jamshoro. Students are strictly advised to follow their provisional textbooks for the preparation of board exams and also for any type of entrance exams. Because the paper is based on the textbook so why not students should follow it.

Hydrocarbons are the primary source of energy for the current civilization. Primarily hydrocarbons are used as a combustible fuel source. Hydrocarbon in the form of solid can take the form of asphalt used in road constriction. Methane and ethane are the primary members of simple hydrocarbon. Propane can be easily liquefied. 

Aliphatic hydrocarbons are consists of cyclic and acyclic compounds. Cyclic hydrocarbon resembles the open-chain in its chemical properties. Homolysis is the cleavage of a chemical bond between two neutral molecules that generate two free radicals. Heterolysis is the breakage of a chemical bond between two neutral molecules and generating cation and anion. 

2ndyear chemistry is composed of three separate section. Section one is the inorganic chemistry, 2nd section is the organic portion of the 12th chemistry, and the third section is the general chemistry. Most of the students feel the organic portion of chemistry is very hard, but there are some students that do not understand inorganic chemistry easily.

Here we have provided different class notes for students to study better and score higher in their respective board exams. They can also prepare very well for entrance exams, like MDCAT, ECTA, ETEA, NUMS, HEC, NTS, and many more entrance exams.

At the end of this post, we have created the download link for 2ndyear chemistry for Sindh Board Jamshoro. After preparing very well from this textbook students will be able to score very high in board exams. Best of luck with your preparation.

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