Federal Board [FBISE] Chemistry Book for Class 12th

The textbook of Chemistry for class 12th of federal board consists of three portions. First portion is inorganic which includes S and P-Block Elements, D and f Block Elements. The 2nd portion is the organic which consists are Organic compounds, Hydrocarbons, Alkyl halide and Amine, Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers, Aldehydes and ketones, and last one is Carbonyl compounds. Third portion is the general chemistry which includes Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry.

After completing the first chapter of the inorganic chemistry the students will be able to Recognize the demarcation of the Periodic table into S block, p block, and f block. Students will also get knowledge that how the physical properties like atomic radius, ionization energy, electrical conductivity, electro negativity, and melting and boiling points of element change within a group and within a period and the periodic table.

Students will be able to describe the reactions of period 3 elements with water, oxygen and chlorine. To describe the reactions of oxides and chlorides of period 3 elements with water. Explain and describe the reaction of group I elements with water, oxygen and chlorine. Describe and explain the different trends in thermal stability of the nitrates and carbonates of group II elements.

Hydrogen gas is used for the manufacture of fertilizers. It is also used to prepare vegetable ghee and margarine from vegetable oil. Hydrogen gas also used in the as fuel in the form of water gas. It is used in medicine to cure burns. Hydrogen is used to prepare NH3 in the Haber's process, preparation of CH3OH and many other compounds. Actually hydrogen used as good reducing agent.

At the last you can easily download the full and complete pdf file of Chemistry for 2nd year for federal board. Also you will get more study stuff here. So must connected with this website.

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