Federal Board [FBISE] Chemistry Book for Class 11th

This book of chemistry of federal board for class 11th has been formed according to the national curriculum 2006. Which was published for first time in 2014 and in 2015. The vision of this book is to able students of doing independent thinking.

First year chemistry for federal board is consists of 12 chapters which includes Stoichiometry, Atomic structure, Theories of covalent bonding, Gases, Liquids, Solids, Chemical equilibrium, Acids, Bases and Salts, Chemical Kinetics, Solution and colloids, Thermochemistry, and last one is Electrochemistry.

In the first chapter of chemistry students will get knowledge about theoretical yield, actual yield and percentage yield. Students will be able to intercept a balanced chemical equation in terms of interacting with moles, the representative particles, masses and volumes of gases at STP and RTP.

Students will get knowledge about limiting reagent in reaction, to calculate the maximum amount of products that are produced during the chemical reaction, and to determine the amount of any unreacted excess reagent. After studying the first chapter of textbook of chemistry for class 11th the students will be able to construct mole ratios from a balanced equations for use as conversion factors in different stoichiometric problems.

Different discoveries were performed during the later part of 19th century, to identify the different parts inside the small particle Atom. Atoms are not simple, compact bodies as supposed by Dalton but are complex systems composed of several hundreds of very smallest particles of matter.

After completing the Stoichiometry chapter of first year chemistry the students can calculate the theoretical yield and the percent yield from the given balanced equation and the amounts of the reactants and the actual yield. Here you will get the download link for the Federal Board[FBISE] textbook of chemistry for class 11th.

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