KPK Textbook Board Physics Book For class 12th

In this KPK board book of physics for class 12th, there is a total of 10 chapters. Electrostatics is the first chapter of this book. Electrostatics normally study the properties of charge, Coulomb's law, Electric field, and its intensity, Representation of electric field lines, Applications of electrostatics, Photocopiers, laser printer, and Inkjet printers.

Further, we study the Electric Flux, Flux at any angle, Maximum flux, Zero flux, Electric flux through the close surface, Gauss's law, and Applications of Gauss's law. Also, we study the location of excess charge on a conductor, electric field intensity due to an Infinite sheet of charge, Electric field intensity between two oppositely charged parallel plates, Electric potential, and Electric potential energy and potential due to a point charge, and Field and potential gradient. 

After studying the first chapter of 2nd-year physics students will be able to state and explain Coulomb's law and the force between two charges. Also, they can describe the concept of an electric field as an example of a field of force. They can define electric field strength as force per unit positive charge.

Students will be able to calculate the magnitude and direction of the electric field at a point due to two charges with the same or different signs. They can sketch the electric field lines for two point charges of equal magnitude with the same or opposite signs.

The students will be able to explain the concept of an electric dipole and electric flux. They can also explain and define Gauss's law and describe and draw the electric field due to an infinite size conducting plate of positive and negative charge. 

Also, they will be able to explain the electric field produced by a hallow spherical charged conductor. At the last, you will get the direct download link for the Kpk textbook board physics book for class 11th in the pdf form.

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