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In this post, students will get the latest edition, textbook of Physics for class 12th of Sindh board Jamshoro in pdf format. Electrostatic is the first chapter of the Sindh Textbook for class 12th. The time constant is the duration of time for the capacitor in which 63.2% of its maximum value charge is deposited on the plates of the capacitor.

Current and Electricity is the second chapter of class 12th textbook of Sindh Board  Jamshoro. Steady current is the continuous flow of free electrons. Current is actually the flow of electrons and electrons are the constituents of matter. Those substances which have a larger number of free electrons will permit the current flow easily. Such substances are called conductors, for example, copper, Zinc, Silver, aluminum and etc.

The average velocity with which free electrons can get drifted into a metallic conductor under the influence of an electric field is called drifted velocity. Resistance is the opposition offered by the substance to the flow of free electrons. A thermistor is a heat-sensitive device usually made of a semiconductor material whose resistance changes very rapidly with the change of temperature.

When the magnetic flux linking a conductor changes, an emf is induced in the conductor this phenomenon is known as electromagnetic induction. The basic requirement for electromagnetic induction is the change in flux linking the conductor or coil. The emf and hence the current in this conductor or coil will persist so long as this change is taking place.

The transformer is based on two types of principles; the first one is that an electric current can produce a magnetic field, and, second is that a changing magnetic field within a coil of wire induces a voltage across the ends of the coil. Download the textbook of Physics for class 12th of Sindh board Jamshoro in pdf form by just clicking the button below.

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