KPK Textbook Board Chemistry Book For Class 11th

Chemistry is one of the branches of Science where we study the chemical and physical prosperities of matter. In the field of Chemistry, thousands of reactions are going on in laboratories, factories, kitchens, car engines, and in the atmosphere. So in the first chapter of grade 11th chemistry normally study the basic concepts of chemistry. Analytical chemistry is that branch of chemistry, which deals with the study of analysis of obtaining, processing, characterizing the composition of matter and structure of matter, or both qualitatively and also quantitively.

Stoichiometry is another basic branch chemistry. Stoichiometry is essential when quantitative information about a chemical reaction is required. This branch also tell us that how much of the matter is required to form a specific amount of another form of the matter or when a particular amount of matter is present, how much of the product could possibly formed under the given conditions.

Several methods are used to find the sample. These may be broadly classified  as qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Qualitative analysis tells us ' what' is in the sample, while quantitative analysis tells us ' how much ' is in the sample. These two types of analysis are often used together and are considered in analytical chemistry.

Normally not all chemical reactions involve solids and liquids. So for those reactions in which gases are involved, it is more convenient to measure volumes than masses. In gaseous reactions, weighing of gases as compared to solids and liquids is relatively difficult. It is much easier to measure the volume of a gas weigh very little. But we need to know how the given volume of a gas is related to the number of atoms or molecules present.

The reactant whose some amount remains unreacted or unused after the completion of the reaction is called excess reagent. A reactant which consumed earlier during a chemical reaction is called limiting reagent. It can also be defined as the reagent which produces the least number of moles of products in a chemical reaction. At the end you can download Kpk text book of Chemistry for class 11th in pdf form.

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