KPK Textbook Board Biology Book For class 12th

In today's post, we are going to provide the download link for Kpk board textbook for class 12th in pdf form for free. This textbook of biology consists of 14 chapters. Which are Respiration, Homeostasis, Support and Movements, Nervous Coordination, Behavior, Reproduction, Development and Aging, Inheritance, Chromosomes and DNA, Evolution, Man and his environment, Biotechnology, and Biology and Human Welfare.

Respiration is the stepwise and enzymatic complex oxidation-reduction process by which food is broken down into simpler materials for the purpose to release the maximum amount of energy at the cellular level. In aerobic respiration, organism breaks down their food with the help of oxygen into simple compounds like water and CO2 to release energy. 

The surface or area of an organism's body where respiratory gaseous exchange with the environment or surrounding takes place is called the respiratory surface. The respiratory surface must have these different properties like Thin epithelium, More permeable, Large surface area, Wet surface, Capillary network, and ventilation.

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