Punjab Textbook Board Books For class 11th & 12th

We have combined the full list of all books on the Punjab textbook board for class 11th. This includes the Biology textbook, Physics textbook, Chemistry textbook, and English textbook for class 11th of Punjab board. 

Punjab Textbook Board Class 11th Books

In physics, in the first chapter, we study the basic concepts of physics to understand it well. Measurement is the comparison of something with some standard. Unit is the standard with which we compare some things. 

A magnitude is just a number with a proper unit. All those physical quantities which are measurable are known as Physical quantities. There are different physical quantities like mass, speed, force, velocity, momentum, temperature, etc.

Hydrogen is the simplest of all the known elements and is the first element of the periodic table. Its atomic is about 1.008 and exists in the gaseous state. It is generally found in the combined state in the form of compounds with different Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and sulfur, etc. 

Punjab Board Biology-I

Punjab Board Chemistry-I

Punjab Board Physics-I

Punjab Textbook Board Class 12th Books

We have also combined the complete set of textbooks for class 12th. Here you can easily get all these books in pdf format for free. The error due to repeated measurement of the same quantity under the same condition that results in different values of the same quantity is known as random error.

A mixture of resins, drying oil, and solvent that provides decorative and protective coatings for various kinds of surfaces is called varnish. It is applied as a liquid and then changes to a solid, hardening by oxidation of the oil or by evaporation of a volatile solvent. 

Varnish differs from the paints in the sense that it does not contain added plasticizers and pigments. One commonly used resin is ordinary rosin. common drying oils are linseed and Tung oils. Spirit varnishes are those in which a volatile liquid as alcohol, is used as a solvent for resin.

The precision represents the magnitude of error in a measurement while the accuracy means to check how the measured values are closer to the actual value. The accuracy represents the relative error. It can be obtained by dividing the error by the measured value.

Punjab Board Biology-II

Punjab Board Chemistry-II

Punjab Board Physics-II

                Punjab Board English-I & II

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