If I tell you frankly about my greatest wish I know you people will laugh at me. My greatest wish is not to become a political leader or a reformer or a Nobel Prize Winner, it is just to have a country house of my own where I can live, work and rest as I like.


There should be a large flower garden in front of my house. It should have an endless variety of flowers with fountains installed here and there. A tube well should be working three times a day for imaging the plants. And behind my house, there should be an orchard where I shall grow fruit trees, like mango, apple, grape, plum, apricot, pears, and lemon. I should have a green-house for growing vegetables, flowers, and fruits that need special care. I should have a few acres of fertile land near my house where I can grow wheat, rice, maize sugar cane, and various vegetables of the season. I should have about a dozen servants to assist me in different tasks. Of course, I shall work in the field with them.


On one side of ray house, I should have a fishpond from where I shall be able to catch fresh fish anytime. I have read that White meat is the best. And I like fish very much. It will be presented to my friends and relatives. I shall see to it that the water is kept clean, fresh water is poured into the pond and a special diet for the fish is Supplied. I should have a swimming pool also where my friends and I might enjoy swimming in the summer.

My house should be away but not too far away from the noise and crowd of the city so that I might have the modern amenities of life like gas, electricity, telephone, and medical care. I should own a Pajero of the latest model. Railway station, bus-stand, and airport Should be within a distance of ten to fifteen kilometers.

I must now tell you all about the inside of the house. I want to have seven bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The reason for having seven bedrooms is that seven is magic and mysterious figure. There are seven days a week. There are seven heavens seven sections of paradise and seven sections of hell and there are seven colors. I would like to have seven bedrooms painted in seven• different colors. I should have a sitting room, a T.V. lounge, four or five storerooms, a terrace, two study rooms, and one small library well stocked with books, magazines, and newspapers. I shall have all the rooms well furnished. I shall sit in my favorite armchair and study without being disturbed. And when I am in a mood to write, I shall write a little.


I shall be mostly alone. My friends and relatives might occasionally pay me a visit, for my good reputation as a host and as a writer should enable me to make friends with some really interesting people. Young boys and girls would like to come and see me and demand my autographs. But do I mean to remain a bachelor? I really cannot make up my mind I will marry if I am lucky enough to meet a woman of my bent of mind. If not, I will remain single because I don't want to make my life a hell. This, then, is my greatest wish. If my wish is materialized I will consider myself the luckiest man on earth.

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