The police constable can be easily recognized from his Khaki uniform and dark-blue cap. He usually carries a long stick but he is armed with a rifle when eyed be. He uses a whistle when on traffic duty. He is called "Pasban" in Pakistan. His life is very hard. He is supposed to be on duty for twenty-four hours. Normally, he is on duty from eight to ten hours but he can be called to duty anywhere anywhen: His duty hours are very dull and boring.

A police station or police post is the nucleus of his activities. There he performs his duty under an S.H.O. His main job is to. maintain law and order within his jurisdiction. Although he is the lowest paid employee of the provincial government yet' he plays an important role in the administration of a province. We see him strolling along the road. We find him in busy markets, at bus stops, at railway stations, in public parks, near the educational institutions, and at the gate of a high official. He is a good friend of the law-abiding citizens and an enemy of the law-breakers.


One of his duties is to regulate and s control the flow of traffic. He can be seen standing at the important crossing. He allows the vehicles to pass or to stop. He challans any vehicle defying the traffic rules. He presents their challan before a magistrate for necessary action. He is also in charge of prisoners to be produced in the court on given dates. He obeys the orders of the court and arrests the accused if the court issue a warrant.


He is also present when a procession is taken out or a demonstration is staged. On such occasions,, he carries tear gas shells and a gun. He fires tear gas shells to disperse the mob. Sometimes the demonstrators throw bricks and stones at him. He makes every effort to ensure a calm and peaceful atmosphere. When some foreign President-or Prime Minister comes on a state visit, he plays his part as a security agent. He also acts as a watchman during the night. He can be called for help in case of an emergency.

Thieves, Pick-pocket, car-lifter, abductors, and smugglers are afraid of him. He has to make surprise raids on gambling dens and on other places where unlawful activities are going on. He has to chase the criminals and absconders. He has to fire at them and they also fire back. He can get wounded or killed.


He does not often get a proper reward for his services. His salary is very small. As a result, some policemen accept a bribe. This disgraces the Police Department which was established by Hazrat Omar. This also encourages the law-breakers, from the social point of view, the policeman is not paid due respect. Some people blame the •police for patronizing criminals and demand disbandment of this department.


In the end, we can say that despite its malpractices this department is a must for upholding the social structure. To make a constable more useful, we must pay him respect, increase his salary, equip him with offensive and defensive weapons and provide him transport. He is rewarded if he performs his duty honestly. It is admirable that the Pakistan government is very liberal in giving cash rewards worth lacs and employment to the dependents of a deceased constable. Peace and security can prevail only if the standard of living of the constable is raised.

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