The railway coolie can be easily recognized from his red uniform and a brass license number-plate tied to his arm, he leads a life of hard work and drudgery. He has to carry heavy luggage on his head and shoulders. He receives small wages. His way of life requires the physical stamina of a giant and a soul without ambition. He is contented with the bare means of keeping his body and soul together. There is no charm in his job yet several unemployed persons wish to get the coolie's license.

He follows a dull and monotonous life. As he comes to the railway station he waits outside the platform for, the outgoing passengers. He takes down their luggage from the Tongas, rickshaws and cars and carries it to the platform. When the train arrives, he rushes towards the crowded compartments and puts the luggage on the board or on the floor. As a matter of rule, he cannot ask for more than five rupees per trip. But he usually starts with a higher demand and then comes down according to the passenger he is dealing with.

At the time of the arrival of a train he rushes to the platform and lines up with a large number of other coolies. His first preference is the mail train and the second is the air conditioned, sleeper or first-class compartments. He does not push and elbow others. He sits down and waits till the train comes to a standstill. He hurries into the compartment when a passenger shouts for him. He can carry big loads of suit-cases, trunks, loadings, and away other. 

Sometimes he takes a short cut and avoids ascending and descending a flight of staircases. In that case he tells the passengers to look up for him at the main gate and he gives his number. He knows about the arrival and departure of all the trains. He knows, if any train is arriving late. Even the passengers know that he is quite well - informed about the schedule of the trains. He is very happy on the days when a large number of passengers are expected to arrive or depart. He earns a lot of money when the schools and colleges are closing or opening. He is very happy when pilgrims are going on pilgrimage to Mecca or returning home. He exploits the demand on such ocasions and charges high rates. He also reserves some berths in the compartments where there is no official booking.

He charges some money and allots these berths to the passengers. These are perhaps the only moments of happiness in his life when he to goes back home in the evening with some sweets or some fruit for his wife and children. In the end it is good to point out that the railway co├Âlie is the product of a backward economy. In the advanced countries we do not  find coolies or porters on the railway platforms. Rich or poor  everybody has to carry  his own luggage. It is only on the airports and  big stations that coolies are to be found and they charge handsomelyround for their service. 

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