From time immemorial medical profession has been adopted by the saints and the holy men, The doctor has always been d considered to be a Messiah or a Luqman. Later on medical profession was adopted by God - fearing and deeply religious men who wanted to protect and save humanity from pain and suffering. They fought against disease with a missionary. zeal. Naturally, this profession is St not meant for people who love to live a life of luxury and comfort. No ts doubt, a doctor must have all the amenities of modern living. But recently some black sheep have entered this noble profession. A person who is bent upon making more and more money out of disease and misery of a helpless patient is not fit to be called a doctor.

He is worse than a butcher. A doctor leads a very busy life. He has to devote some time for the study of latest medical literature in order to update his professional skill and knowledge. For this purpose he has to buy new books and medical journals. He has to attend medical seminars arranged by government or private sector. He expresses his views, tells about his experience and observation to the audience. If he is a senior doctor or a specialist he has to teach the medical students and junior doctors. In this respect, he is a scholar and a teacher.

A doctor has to spend most of his time among patients in the hospital or in his private clinic. He can spare very little time for his wife and children. Meeting his old friends and visiting his relatives is out of question. They all complain of his busy life. If anyone of them has to see him, he can see him in the hospital or in his clinic. He has no social .contacts and he cannot enjoy social life. He is expected to be available to the good and to the evil. His profession demands that he should have no ill-will towards anyone. Even if an enemy is brought to him for treatment, he shows sympathy to him and gives him right sort of treatment. Even at night, he has to get up and visit patients who need immediate help.

A doctor has to live very careful good moral life. He has to examine his patient carefully and prescribe the best possible medicine. If he does not command good reputation, patients will not like to visit him. His slight mistake or carelessness in d iagnosing the d isease or recipe might cause great complications. He is always hopeful and encourages and consoles the patients.

There are some dark aspects of the life of a doctor. H e suggests a number of laboratory tests at random. He does not pay so much attention as he ought to pay. He charges high consultation fee, He compels  a patient to come to his private clinic if he or she wishes to be admitted in the government-run hospital. He prescribes some painkiller, anti-biotic, tonic and some sleep-inducing drug. This is professional mis-conduct.

In the end, we can say a doctor's life is an angelic life provided he is not greedy and immoral, A doctor's life is a series of opportunities of serving and helping his fellow-men. His life is a blessing for the human race and for the other animals. He deserves great respect and honour because of his sincere services. A true doctor gets satisfaction out of his work and never runs after money.

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