It was the eve of the second Sunday of April. The Pre-Board Examination of our college was over. We were extremely exhausted with intensive and extensive study for the Examination. The Final, Examination was after a month and a half. My friends Riaz, Khalid, and Waheed and I wondered how we should feel relaxed before starting our preparation for the Annual Examination. After a short exchange of views. We all agreed to arrange a picnic party.

We, then, sat down to decide where to go and what to take with us. We thought of several places like Nowshera, Warsak, Jabban, Tarbela, Kund, etc. It was finally decided that we should go to Kund because it is an ideal site for enjoying a picnic party. It is situated on the G T. Road as well as on the bank of the river Kabul. It is nearly seventy kilometers away from Peshawar and is easily accessible by bus or by private car. There is a ferry to take us to the other side of the river.

Then the details of the arrangements were worked out and we were all set to work. Waheed made arrangements for a cook, pottery, kettles, spoons, etc. Khalid and I went to Bazar for buying fruit, fish, chicken, milk, and other necessary articles of food. All the articles were packed-in cartons.

On Sunday early in the morning Riaz brought his car and Picked up Khalid, Waheed, and the cook. The cartons were also Placed in the car and we set out in high spirits. A cool breeze was blowing. The waving branches of the trees seemed to welcome us. The sight of trees laden with fruit delighted our hearts. We were enjoying listening to some recent" hit songs" of Pakistani films. We reached K UND in about one hour. We parked the car on the roadside under the shade of a duster of trees, handed over the articles of food, etc to the cook, gave him some instructions, and left the place.

We boarded the ferry and reached the other bank of the river. We wandered there for some time, cracked jokes, and passed derogatory remarks about some of our class-fellows. Then we took off our clothes, put on our swimming costumes, and plunged into the river for a swim. We swam about and splashed one another for an hour or so.

We were now tired and hungry. So we boarded the ferry for the second time and came back to the spot where we had parked our car. In the meantime, the cook had prepared the meal. We spread a white bed-sheet on the green grass. Khalid brought a jug of water from the nearly hand-pump, Waheed unpacked plates, spoons, forks, glasses, etc. After putting everything in order, we all sat down to eat. We had a hearty meal. Then the cook brought apples, bananas, and guavas. Green tea was served at the end.

We, then, lay down on the green grass and chatted. The cool breeze induced us to sleep. We woke up at 4 0'clock in the afternoon. We, then, began to play a game of cards. Khalid entertained us with sweet songs by turning on the tape recorder. The cook prepared black tea and brought a cream cake. We had tea and decided to return home. We reached home a little before evening. We were physically tired but felt relaxed because we had a jolly good day.

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