I think everybody has some ambition in life. Some of my friends wish to pass the C.S.S. Examination and want to become bureaucrats. Thus, they can become a part of the administration. But I have no liking for such a career because the bureaucrats have to support every government policy whether it is good or bad. Some Of me. Friends wish to be doctors and engineers. But I want to adopt neither of them. I do not have the courage for performing operations and remaining constantly in the. company of people suffering from various diseases. My ambition in life is to be a big business magnet. It is not a "vaulting ambition" but a practical proposition within my grasp because my father is a successful businessman.


There is no limit to progress in this profession. There are numerous instances of the petty shop - keepers becoming prosperous businessmen by their hard work and business sense. Most of the multi-millionaires of Pakistan and India have such a history behind them. Even the history of the European nations bears testimony to the fact that business paved the way for building up vast empires. Look at East India Company. It was established in London during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. It established trading links with the sub-continent and later on became the ruler of India. In the same way, the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the Spaniards established their colonies in different parts of the world.


The Holy   Prophet (PBUH) also recommended adopting this profession. It was the Arab merchants who introduced Islam to distant nations of the world. Even industry cannot flourish without a good tradesman ship. Most of the wars are fought for capturing big markets. During the last three centuries, the western traders drained away all the wealth of the east and made their countries extremely rich.


At the present moment, the businessmen of Pakistan do not believe in fair dealing. They believe in black-marketing, hoarding of essentials. goods and cheating the customers. This attitude is highly shameful for a Muslim. I have heard from my father that western businessmen are very fair and honest. I have made a resolve to set a good example of tradesman ship for Owl, errs. What has attracted me most to this profession is that a businessman can establish connections with all the countries of the world. He can earn foreign exchange which is badly needed for the development of a country. 

I have a great love for traveling. This desire will be fulfilled by adopting this profession. To sum up, the whole thing I must say is that the progress of a country largely depends on its businessmen. They pay large amounts of money to the government in the Shape of taxes Which is used for various development projects. The Jews are the richest people in the world. They Introduced the banking system for easier flow of money trading purposes. Now, the global economy is controlled by the Jews through the banking system. I have decided to do M B.A. and be a business magnet and materialize my ambition.

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