A hobby is an interesting pursuit which we take up for our amusement in our spare time but it is not our main business. One man's business may be a hobby to another. Hobbies are the index of the cultured mind. They provide mental relaxation after the hard-professional work.


Hobbies are of vary oust kinds. Stamp collecting, coin-collecting, photography, painting, and gardening are only a few of them. Outdoor as well as indoor games can also be included in the list of hobbies. Only such hobbies should be taken up which are within the reach of a person. Now, I Would like to describe my hobbies. Gardening is my favorite hobby and I have a big piece of land for cultivating vegetables and flower plants. Spade, sickle, shovel, pickaxe, and a water-can are my tools. First of all, I prepare the land for vegetables, put some manure into it and sow the seeds. have dug a drain from my bathroom, and sometimes I use a rubber pipe for watering the plants.


I occasionally weed out the undesirable plants. After a few months, I have the pleasure of tasting my own vegetables. Oh! how different they are from the vegetables purchased from the market! I usually grow cucumber, tomatoes, radish, carrots, onions, mint, and salad. Then I have the beds of flower plants. I stock the best seeds and my father also provides me some. I know plants grow from a leaf, a bulb, a twig, and a seed. I make use of all four techniques. When the nursery is ready, I transplant them in rows and water them with water can every morning and evening. It is the most pleasant sight •to see the flowers bloom. Because of them, my house has great attraction for my friends and relatives. Every Friday we sit there and gossip.


Photography is my second hobby. It is quite expensive but I can afford it. I have a Canon Camera. I keep three albums. I have taken photographs of my relatives and friends in different moods and situations. I have preserved rare moments of my life. I have reserved one album for my family members and myself. In the second album, I have recorded some very important moments of my life spent in the company of my friends, teachers, and important persons. I have also got some snaps of beautiful scenery, landscape, busy hours, and animals. I have collected these photographs in the third album. Whenever I go out on a trip somewhere, A sling my camera around my shoulder for taking snaps. The pleasure derived frown this hobby is worth much more than the money spent on it.


My third hobby is stamp - collecting. My father imports and exports several items. I remove stamps from his mail. I exchange stamps with another stamp -collectors. I have a collection of about five thousand stamps. I have arranged them chronologically and country-wise. I take great care that no stamp is damaged or spoiled.


They acquaint me with the culture of that country. In the end, I would advise my young friends to have some sort of hobby. It adds greatly to the pleasure of life. It is often an education in itself. My hobbies keep me busy and do not let me indulge in undesirable activities.

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