AKU-EB Past papers Solved SSC-I 2017

Past papers are very important for AKU examinations. We have uploaded the AKU-EB past papers for SSC part-I for the year 2015. All past papers are available in pdf form. Students are allowed to download the AKU-EB past papers in pdf for free.

The longitudinal waves consists of compression and rarefaction. Which are produced one after the other one in a certain order. The distance between two consecutive compression or rarefaction is known as wavelength. The distance travelled by a wave per unit time is known as speed of a wave.

For example, If the speed of transverse wave pulse in a stretched string depend upon the mass of string, length of the string, and tension in the string. Here it is proved that the speed of transverse waves in well stretched and thin string is greater as compared to a loosely and thick one string.

While in case of longitudinal waves, the speed of wave depends upon the modulus of elasticity and density of the medium. As the gases are more compressible, so the elastic modulus is smaller than solids. That is why, the longitudinal waves travels faster in solids as compared to gases. The unit of velocity is m/sec.

It is very hard to prepare for the AKU-EB class 9th exam without the use of AKU-EB past papers. So it is very necessary for students to use the AKU-EB past papers for board examinations for class 9th. So here we are presenting you the AKU-EB past papers for the year 2015 for SSC-I.

AKU-EB Past papers Solved SSC-I 2017

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