AKU-EB Past papers Solved SSC-I 2018

You can download the AKU-EB Past papers for free in pdf format. This past papers are uploaded in complete folder. This folder contains the AKU-EB past papers are fully solved. The answers of each questions are given by the end of the papers. You will get the fully solved answers.

 The distance covered by sound wave per unit time is known as speed of sound wave. The sound waves are longitudinal waves which need a material medium for their propagation. The speed of sound waves in a medium depend upon the density of the medium and elasticity of the medium.

According to the Newton law, the temperature of air does not change when sound waves passes through it. Newton told that heat which is produced in the compression region leaks to the surrounding.  While the decrease in the temperature which occurs in the rarefaction region is compensated by the flow of heat from the surrounding.  

At the end of this post now AKU students can easily download the AKU-EB Past papers for class 9th 2018. All these past papers are available in pdf format. We are working day and night to provide best exams study materials for the AKU-EB students. All past papers are provided in a folder type where all subjects are available.

AKU-EB Past papers Solved SSC-I 2018

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