AKU-EB Past Papers SSC-I 2016

We are going to upload the AKU-EB Past Papers SSC-I fully solved. This is the complete folder that contain the AKU-EB Past Papers of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Urdu, Pakistan studies, Islamiyat, and all other subjects. All these past papers are available in the pdf format for free.

Those waves in which the particles of the medium vibrate about their mean position along the direction of propagation of the waves is known as longitudinal waves or compressional waves. Now we are considering a sticky spring placed on a smooth table. Let one end of the spring is free and the other end is connected to a fixed support.

When we push the free end of the spring towards the right and then the loops near the end are compressed towards right due to the applied force. The compressed loops then exert a force on the loops to the right side of them. In this way, a compressional pulse travels towards right along the string.

Now when the spring is pulled suddenly in the backward direction that's towards left. The loops near the end are rarefacted loops then exert a force on the loops to the right of them. So in this way, a rarefaction travels along the spring.

Now if the spring is pushed forward and backward at a constant rate, a series of longitudinal waves is setup. As the wave moves through the sticky spring, Compression and rarefaction can be seen along the spring.

AKU-EB students can get a link of AKU-EB past papers 2016. Here is the link which includes the AKU-EB solved past papers of  English, Urdu, Pakistan studies, and all other subjects of Class 9th AKU examination board.

AKU-EB Past Papers SSC-I 2016

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