AKU-EB Past Papers HSSC part-II

The majority of the students do not follow AKU-EB Past Papers for class 12th. But there are so many benefits if using Past papers for board exam preparation. Some students even do not know about these old past papers and they lack behind this good opportunity. In school days students waste their time in useful activities like Parting and etc.

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2008  

    So here we worked hard for you to provide you the best materials for your FSc exams and all other exams. We have included all Past papers of the Aku Board. This including Aku English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and all other subjects of Aku Board at Fsc and Matric level. 

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2009  

    We know the importance of these old past papers so that's why we working hard to provide you the best study materials at home. As the majority of the students can not afford these past papers in hard form, So we have provided them in soft form. That is it can be easily downloaded in pdf format and you can view and use it offline. 

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    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2010  

    No doubt every student works hard to achieve higher and higher marks in Board exams like Aku EB. But they lack some features of using past papers. Now we are working on this issue to facilitate students to make use of these old past papers and achieve their targets very easily. Here you can download these Aku Board Past papers 2010 past papers.  

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2011  

    We have created this plate form to give students maximum studies materials at the doorstep and free of cost. This is the vision of talibilm.com. So that's every student should get the benefits of using old past papers and other study materials. Earlier I have pointed out that we have to study the science subjects that Biology, Chemistry, Physics. 

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2012  

    You should these old past papers in the right way to achieve the highest grades in board exams. Matric is the building part of a student's Future. Because from this matric score you will get admission in the college for studying in FSc. Matric and FSc will certainly decide your future. So, therefore, you are requested to study very smartly and hard. 

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    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2013  

    Now the competition is getting good grades and higher scores in board exams are increasing day by day. We must follow new techniques and strategies to beat this competition without wasting our time and money. There are different private institutions that are offering coaching classes for FSC and Matric students. But they demanded of highest fees that of the great mistakes as an educationist.  

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2014  

    Because we have to promote education for free not make education is a way of making money. Education is not for money-making but it is for bringing new changes in the minds of the nation. But here we have ignored this main moto and we have made it is the way of income. Talibilm.com is here to provide free education for students of Pakistan and all over the world.

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2015  

    The significance of studying past papers is a sample. Because it will lead you to the main pattern of board examiners. You will be guided on how an examiner prepared these Questions papers. A lot of students do not know the importance of these past papers and they did not get advantages of these past papers.

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2016  

    Normally students pay more head and attention to Science subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Even they get good marks in these subjects. But on the other side, they ignore arts and social subjects and get very low marks. So that is the big mistake they did during the preparation of board exams. 

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2017  

    Many students just cramming the topic without studying properly or clearing their concepts. First of all, just read the concerned topic more than two times. Then go for revision and make sure that you revised the concept of the selected topic every day. Revision is the hidden key to get higher marks in any board exams or any entry tests.

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    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2018  

    In this long file, we have included the Aku EB past papers HSSC part 1. You will get a download link for each subject. This is a complete file of Aku's past papers from 2008 to 2019. We have arranged this file subject-wise and year-wise so that students get full advantage of past papers.  

    AKU EB Past Papers HSSC-II 2019  

    Exams of Matric and FSc students getting nearer day by day. Normally students get depressed and lack interest in their studies. So we have notices some bad effects of this situation on students and also on their families. Therefore we want that everyone makes use of AKU-EB past papers. So that's they do not lose balance in their studies schedule. Always make use of Past papers for every exam like PMC MDCAT, ETEA, NUMS, ECAT, FMDC, LUMS, and all other entrance tests.

    Download Here

    AKU EB Class Year Download
    HSSC-II 2008 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2009 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2010 Click Here
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    HSSC-II 2012 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2013 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2014 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2015 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2016 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2017 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2018 Click Here
    HSSC-II 2019 Click Here

    All Rights reserved by AKU Examination Board. We are just helping students by providing study materials free of cost. If  you have any problem you can comment below or you can contact us.

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