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    Preparing with NUMS Past papers

    Preparing with NUMS Past papers is not as much difficult as you think. Preparing by using past papers for the National University of medical sciences Rawalpindi MBBS and BDS admission entry test can help you a lot during your preparation. Is past papers play a very crucial role in the preparation for such competitive exams like NUMS, MDCAT, and ETEA.

    Methode of Preparation

    Normally students who prepared by using these old past papers for NUMS entry test score greater than those who have just studied and using their own textbook. We know that the original paper of the NUMS entry test comes from your own textbooks. But if you do not have an idea about the NUMS entry test paper and also about the test questions difficult then can not score better.

    NUMS Preparation Tips

    Now what to do with these past papers. These past papers will give full ideas about the question difficulty level and the actual standard of the NUMS entry test. You can use it daily in the chapter-wise formate. From these past papers, you will understand and read the mind of examiners. And finally, you will reach the mind of the examiner, and then you can solve each and every MCQs.

    NUMS Study Guide

    NUMS entry test is not much difficult as other entry test exams like ETEA, MDCAT, ECAT, etc. But you will need a proper guide for this. First, go through with your own textbooks. when you get some basic knowledge about the concerned topic. Then go with the NUMS Past papers booklet. 

    Download NUMS past papers with keys

    Talibilm.com is doing all these for students to get past papers easily. Some of the question NUMS past papers are here. You can check online. You can also download it in pdf format at the end of this post.

    NUMS Biology Past papers

    NUMS biology is not tough and not also easy. But you have to study your Biology textbook very carefully and do not leave even a single sentence. At some time examiner may directly past the main textbook lines. So be very careful about that. Next, memorize the table which is given at the end and inside the chapter. So here you will get some examples of the NUMS entry test.

    1. Haemodialysis means cleaning of

    (A) urine

    (B) blood

    (C) glomerular filtrate

    (D) coelomic fluid

    2. Production of sweat and sebum is

    related with

    (A) skin

    (B) liver

    (C) lungs

    (D) GIT

    3. The evaporative cooling in the

    The respiratory tract of dogs is called

    (A) vasodilation

    (B) vasoconstriction

    (C) panting

    (D) all of these

    4. Which of the following pathogen type

    cause disease that can be treated with


    (A) bacteria

    (B) fungi

    (C) virus

    (D) none of these

    5. Most cell membranes are composed

    principally of

    (A) DNA ad protein

    (B) protein and lipids

    (C) protein and chitin

    (D) protein and RNA

    6. During  the process of osmosis,

    the total  net flow of water molecules into and 

    out of the cell depends upon differences

    in the

    (A) the concentration of water molecules

    inside and outside the cell

    (B) the concentration of enzymes on either

    side of the cell membrane

    (C) rate of molecular motion on either

    side of the cell membrane

    (D) none of these

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    7. Sodium ions are “pumped” from a

    region of lower concentration to a

    region of higher concentration in the

    nerve cells of humans. This process is an

    example of

    (A) diffusion

    (B) passive transport

    (C) osmosis

    (D) active transport

    8. Proteins are made from amino acids

    by the process of

    (A) hydrolysis

    (B) pinocytosis

    (C) dehydration synthesis

    (D) active transport

    9. Which is an organic compound found

    in most cells?

    (A) water

    (B) glucose

    (C) oxygen

    (D) sodium chloride

    10. Which are the four most abundant

    elements in living cells?

    (A) carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur

    (B) carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen

    (C) carbon, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus

    (D) carbon, sulfur, hydrogen, magnesium


    1. B

    2. A

    3. C

    4. A

    5. B

    6. A

    7. D

    8. C

    9. B

    10. B

    NUMS Physics  Past papers

    NUMS Physics portion contains some tricky MCQs. That needs concept, not just cramming. So to make clear your NUMS physics then you have to practice as much as can. Practicing the physics MCQs can help you to understand the concept better and better. So here are some MCQs from NUMS past papers online.

    Q.1 When a helium atom loses an

    electron, it becomes:

    A) An alpha particle. C) A positive helium


    B) Proton. D) A negative helium ion.

    Q.2 Beta ray emitted by a radioactive

    substance is:

    A) An electron which was existing

    outside the nucleus.

    B) An electron which was existing inside

    the nucleus.

    C) When an electron is emitted by the nucleus due to the decay of neutrons inside

    the nucleus.

    D) A pulse of electromagnetic waves.

    Q.3 An electric charge in uniform motion


    A) An electric field. C) Both magnetic and

    electric fields.

    B) A magnetic field. D) Neither magnetic

    nor electric fields.

    Q.4 What are emitted by a very hot metals

    filament in a cathode rays tube?

    A) X-ray. C) Electron.

    B) Proton. D) Photon.

    Q.5 When  the mass of the bob of a pendulum

    is doubled its time period is:

    A) Halved. C) Unchanged.

    B) Doubled. D) Increases four times.

    Q.6 The center of the Newton rings are dark

    due to the:

    A) Polarization. C) Constructive


    B) Destructive interference. D)


    ETEA Test Mcqs book Pdf Download | Fully solved MCQs

    Q.7 Which one is the most stable element

    on the basis of binding energy?

    A) Sn. C) Kr.

    B) Ba. D) Fe.

    Q.8 Resistance in RC circuit of the time

    constant 2 seconds is 1000 Ohms. What

    is the value of C in the


    A) 2 μ farad. C) 200 μ farad.

    B) 20 μ farad. D) 2000 μ farad

    Q.9 Lenz’s law refers to induced


    A) emf. C) Shear.

    B) Resistance. D) Currents.

    Q.10 In which one of the following, the output is

    similar to the NAND gate when  input A=0 and

    input B=1.

    A) NOR. C) XOR.

    B) XNOR. D) Both B and C.

    1 C

    2 B

    3 C

    4 C

    5 C

    6 B

    7 D

    8 C


    NUMS Chemistry Past papers

    Chemistry is a very interesting subject. And chemistry portion MCQs in the NUMS test is easy as compared to Physics. But there is only one thing that you have to revise chemistry daily and then revise weekly and then monthly. So then you will get full benefits of high scoring on the NUMS entry test.

    Q.1 Which one of the following

    is the structural formula of proline?


    H2C CH2

    H2C CH








    CH3 NH2



    CH2 COOH


    Q.2 In the formation of Zwitter

    ion which one of the following

    donates the proton?

    A) COOH C) CH2COOˉ

    B) NH2 D) OHˉ


    What is the name of above given

    structural formula?

    A) Aspartic Acid C) Adipic Acid

    B) Asparagine D) Glutamic Acid

    Q.3 Which one of the following

    is it the simplest amino acid?

    A) Lysine C) Alanine

    B) Leucine D) Glycine

    Q.4 Which one of the following

    the polymer is called Nylon 6,6?

    A) Polyester C) Polyamide

    B) Polyvinyl chloride D) Polyvinyl


    Q.5 Which one of the following

    is an exact composition of a


    A) Carbon and Hydrogen C) Carbon,

    Hydrogen and Oxygen

    B) Carbon and Oxygen D) Hydrogen

    and Oxygen

    Q.6 Which one of the following

    nitrogen base is NOT present in


    A) Adenine C) Uracil

    B) Guanine D) Cytosine



    Q.7  In the woody parts of trees,

    the %age of cellulose is:

    A) 50% C) 30%

    B) 10% D) 100%


    Choose the right molecule.

    A) CH3 C) H2O

    B) CO D) NH3


    Indicate the name of above

    given structure.

    A) Nylon 6,6 C) PVA

    B) Adipic Acid D) Polyester

    Q.10 In a laboratory experiment

    an unknown compound was

    added in a test tube containing

    iodine, the

    color became intense blue.

    What could be the unknown


    A) Cellulose C) Ribose

    B) Raffinose D) Starch


    1  D 

    2  D 

    3  C 

    4  C 

    3  C 

    4  D 

    5  D 

    6  C 

    7  D 

    8  D

    9  A 

    10 C 

    NUMS English Past papers

    English portion is the very easiest part of the NUMS entry test. You have a basic understanding of English grammar. And also you have some vocabulary.

    NUMS MCAT past papers pdf download set No. 1 

    This file set includes NUMS  past Papers 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. These past papers can also be used for ETEA MDCAT FMDC and NUMS Preparation. This is the original Army Medical College Past papers. Now you can download it in pdf format for free.

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    File Size =  28 MB

    File pages =  142

    Download Now

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