KPK KMU MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 | Pdf Download

Finally, KMU has issued the Provisional Merit Lists for Public Sector Medical and Dental Colleges of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the session 2021-2022. The medical entrance test was held from 30th August to 30th September 2021. For the very first time in the history of Pakistan, the medical entrance test was conducted under a centralized policy of PMC, throughout out country by Pakistan Medical Commission by using the computer test technology.

Now the admission Process for admission in Public and Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Pakistan is started in each Province under the Pakistan Medical Commission centralized Polices.

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    KPK KMU MBBS/BDS  Open Merit lists 2021 

    National MDCAT test was held across the country for admission in MBBS and BDS for the year 2021-2022. After completing the process of Apply, KMU is now started admission in public medical colleges without wasting any further time.  KMU is the central Examination Body of KPK for admission in Medical Colleges.  KMU has issued the open merit list of MBBS/ BDS for 2021.

    Highest Aggregate: 96.0682

    Lowest Aggregate:  86.6955

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    FATA MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 

    Newly Merged Tribal Districts (Erstwhile FATA) Merit for this year 2022 is much higher than the previous years. As the FATA seats have been doubled for the next 09 years. And Now the admission will also be on Double quota seats.  As each district has its own merit and we combined average merit for this year 2021.

    Highest Aggregate:  92.7455

    Lowest Aggregate:  84.6909

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    General Self Finance MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 

    General Self Finance aggregate is also much higher than the previous years. We have detected an unexpected increase in the merit for 2021.

    Highest Aggregate: 92.8045 

    Lowest Aggregate: 88.7182

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    Disabled Candidates MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 

    There are specific quota seats for the disabled category. There is also some increase in aggregate for admission in MBBS this year 2021.

    Highest Aggregate:  87.9955

    Lowest Aggregate:  77.1682

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    Overseas Pakistanis of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Seats

    In KPK Overseas Pakistanis have also been given specific quota seats in MBBS and BDS category for admission.

    Highest Aggregate: 92.9404 

    Lowest Aggregate: 81.6279

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    Minorities Seats MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 

    Highest Aggregate: 90.1773

    Lowest Aggregate: 69.5273

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    Backward Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa MBBS/BDS Merit lists 2021 

    Highest Aggregate: 90.9545 

    Lowest Aggregate: 84.1727

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    Complain against merit list

    So If you have any problem with your name, date of birth, or any then you should contact KMU as soon as possible. Any Complaint against the provisional merit lists of KMU for admission in public and private medical colleges shall be submitted at the main campus of KMU till 4:00 pm, ...  of January, 2022. No further complaints will be accepted after the due date.

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    Closing Remarks :

    First of all  Cong On your admission to medical college. As you worked hard and ALLAH Almighty give you the fruits of your hard work. Now you have been entered in such an honorable profession. So must use all your goods for Humanity. As this field is very close to Humanity so do not forget about humanity. May ALLAH give you more success in your field of humanity. 


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