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The National Licencing Exam is an important test for many students. It helps them identify who they are and what they want to become. This paper will give you a clear idea about how you can study hard and prepare well if you have decided to take the NLE exam for the first time.

NLE Mock Tests, NLE Past Papers

NLE is a national test for seeking the Licencing to practice in Pakistan. This means it evaluates your knowledge and skills of clinical examinations, according to a system used throughout Pakistan.

The questions asked in NLE are meant to be real-life scenarios that are relevant to the day-to-day practice of various fields that the candidates may encounter during their studies in various medical courses. You should be able to respond appropriately to these real-life situations. You don’t need to worry about getting more marks. You just need to understand if these two things are connected.

In NLE, every question comes with 4 options either right or wrong. If you choose correctly, then you will get good marks. In other words, the best way to solve any kind of problem is to do some research beforehand and then come up with a solution. This process makes sure that all the questions and answers remain objective and true. There are no ambiguous parts, incorrect answers, etc., and the answer should be clearly related to the real situations provided. There is also proper reasoning behind each question, and a thorough analysis of the problem-solving strategies is required.

The main purpose of writing this report is to help people plan their future life accordingly and not rely upon the internet to provide advice. We hope this sample report proves helpful for someone out there who wants to prepare and sit for his or her NLE.

Important Points About NLE Exam:

The main aim of NLE is to train candidates who can create and improve the quality of life of Pakistani citizens. All medical students across Pakistan are selected through NLE, to undergo rigorous training in the area of medicine, engineering, pharmacy, and allied health sciences. The most significant benefit of NLE is to develop high-quality leaders, scientists, and practitioners in the field of education in the entire country.

NLE is not only a testing ground for students to learn skills and competencies but also a platform where the students have to interact and find new ways, NLE allows them to acquire the necessary skills and expertise needed in today’s professional world. NLE is also viewed as an ideal platform where young minds can share their experiences about their dreams, aspirations, and goals. All the aspiring aspirants can use various platforms of NLE to discover about themselves, including personal accounts on social media, blogs, and video-conferencing apps. They can easily explore themselves and develop their own hobbies to fulfill their potential.

Who is supposed to give NLE?

NLE stands for the National Licensing examination by Pakistan Medical Council. This exam is required by both national and international graduates before they start practicing in Pakistan's hospitals. This exam is conducted twice a year. In this exam, candidates are asked questions from various subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, etc.

The duration of the exam is two hours. Candidates have to answer 200 multiple-choice questions. There are no negative marks for wrong answers.


Exam Centers

The exam is held at different centers across Pakistan as well as abroad. To prepare for the exam, you need to learn various topics related to medicine. You should practice these topics in your free time. If you want to pass the exam, then you need to study hard. Try to solve problems that come in the books. Practice solving them.

How to prepare for the NLE exam?

There are many ways to prepare for the exam. They include:

1. You can get more details about different topics like anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology from books or other sources

2. Practice by solving exams question given in magazines/free online tests before appearing in the real NLE test; Try building up your confidence levels as you practice so that when it happens on a day-to-day basis (before taking your Certificate exam) like described earlier you are confident in your answers and do not panic or feel weak. Remember a lot of medical professionals have poor English skills so one must first strengthen the writing skill before he/she does an exam because written papers have to be answered by filling up question papers eventually based on these explained topics & getting score;

3. Online practice tests can help considerably. The best way to gain confidence from exams questions is to solve them yourself and this helps in understanding the real exam's format.

Best study tips For NLE Exam:

By practicing the following things one can surely improve their skills and gain confidence that they will be successful in the NLE exam.

1. Practice question papers with your friends or colleagues to check your answer strategies, quality of writing, and overall depth in understanding subject matter:  The best way to get confident is by solving these practice questions regularly according to what you learned from previous studies (you would have studied well previously) so when it comes to the real exam you will be able to revise and refresh your learning knowledge from a bigger capacity. These practice question papers have questions on a particular topic that can help boost one's confidence in future exams as well: Try solving these types of exams and then immediately look for sample paper so that later when it comes time for an actual NLE examination, you will remember everything quite easily 

2. Practice answering difficult questions by yourself before appearing in exams: The best way to always attain success for the exams is by practicing with the previous lessons you have learned and then continuously revising yourself (it can help prevent any exam blocks that create delays in your studies) so take time out of your busy schedule if possible when studying. It will benefit one's memory, attitude & confidence during the examination period itself!

3. If one wants to study effectively they should never feel uncomfortable while answering either online games or downloaded NLE assignment questions: Remember that you want to truly learn the material and can actually research content related problems before appearing in any exams, so take reasonable time out of your busy schedule with ease when going through this process.

4. Practice learning methods such as forming flashcards or jumbling style words may also be helpful for revision purposes When studying (especially if a person is very picky about their studies) then it helps one's memory by creating quite a few well-formatted images that are used in revision. In addition, practice with flashcards is always useful as it helps to develop one's memory power through repetition of names and some other items which will enable them to remember the more difficult subjects without much effort.

5. Reading various papers over again before appearing in examinations can also prove helpful (for people who may have difficulty concentrating during the study) When trying out different methods of studying from revision practice to classroom study, then one finds that they are producing more marks at test time. Reading up various papers and articles over again may simply prove useful in helping memory recall as well but people tend to do best when taking a little bit of time out between answers (even if it is just 5-30 minutes) for concentration levels & mind by drifts off track rather than this being the case which would lead them closer to their exam date.

6. Holding back on a 'full stomach' or heavy meal may prove beneficial How people's bodies react slightly (especially to the day of the actual examination) is worth considering and one can look into how their levels are right before stepping in for this test, as it will decide whether they show up feeling confident enough or appear not even remotely prepared with full-blown food comas overhead! If these conditions/thought processes are present, then one must remember that it is important NOT to eat a large meal (except foods that taste good for exam time) as this can be quite an all-consuming experience and even worse, cold extremities.

7. Eat slowly & avoid rushing over terrible portions! There have been many cases where people have really had bad experiences from those boasting about their 3 pieces of toast with jam first thing in the morning and before one even gets to the exam that they are about to sit for. Surely nothing can prepare someone for what is going through and hence one should act against these thoughts since this may be detrimental not only from the testing day but also by next term(s) as well & so it is important to treat exams with all seriousness!

8. Course or job changes There have been many noted cases where students have taken a course change quite late in the semester which results in failing their exams because although they start to learn subjects without fail, the lack of prior learning is quite apparent so that conceptual knowledge on any subject a student wants to study should be solid and thorough rather than beginners material. As well here are some tips/ factors affecting students such as first periods (as aforementioned),

9. In emergencies during train journeys or traveling hours There have been many reported cases where people switch trains at one point but not another as they had missed their connection because of a delay to arrive at another train station. These people than sit in the waiting areas for half an hour or more before taking a change in trains, even though it is clear that they have not been delayed by much due to breaks between buses/ trams which can help them continue their journey on time(s) with ease! It's very important however NOT TO TAKE LONGER NOR SHORTEN BREAKS AS THIS ARISES HYPOTHESIS, so this is definitely something you should take into consideration and especially as exams draw near experts suggest taking more breaks rather than less.

10. Exercise or study schedules There are obviously practices and lessons that need to be followed by students under the guidance of their teachers but there always seems to intermingle a lot with personal life too where they meet up at 10-00pm in case the exams will start at 11-00pm. Some practice even though they know that the exam is not until 2-00am so why should they do it? It's important however to have realistic timetables under proper supervision by course leaders etc.

NLE Past Papers

Now below you will get all the NLE mock tests in pdf and you can also download the NLE PMC paid tests and NLE MCQs pdf.

Just click on the file name and download for free.

Note: Save the Link of this page as we will update new tests and Mcqs for NLE.


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