Essay on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Essay on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the only leader of the British Indian freedom movement, is much admired in the history of Pakistan and India. He was one of the most practical prime ministers of British India during his leadership. In addition, his wisdom and selflessness were a great example to the people. His birth anniversary, 25th December, becomes even more important since there is a lot of uncertainty in the region. The growing diplomatic and human rights issues in the region will be the most challenging task for the government of Pakistan.

The government should not be complacent about this state of affairs. Instead, it should be ready to face this challenge at every front. It should first tackle the issue of the border. Pakistan is located at the far end of the disputed region of Kashmir. There are several zones of the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir that are not part of Pakistan. Therefore, this matter needs the attention of Pakistan as well as India. This is one of the ways to prevent incidents of aggression. Pakistan has to resolve the territorial issue.

Due to recent disputes in Jammu and Kashmir, the government should get strict treatment of the act of military aggression.

Similarly, the government should make a big effort to prevent the internal challenges to its central democracy. This should be done regardless of problems with India, the Central Reserve Police Force, or military conflicts. The government should strive to uphold the basic principles of its constitution to ensure that people can feel assured that there is a single supreme governing body and protection of the constitutional rights in Pakistan.

The government should not be too complacent about all these challenges but ought to be ready to take bold decisions, even to make the difficult ones. Though the government of Pakistan has its own challenges, the rise of India’s intransigence is a prime challenge to Pakistan.

India uses the global community to woo nations as well as international bodies and organizations. India’s defense teams are hard at work nowadays to make the world get accustomed to the growth factor of defense of the Indian military and its other activities. The UN is also in its efforts to meet this challenge.

The UN (United Nations) has maintained a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan. However, India is following its expansionist ways and, therefore, its intentions are to change its current occupation policy. India’s military occupation of parts of the Indian state is a deplorable action against the international laws and the territorial integrity of Pakistan.

This Indian expansionist activity will not only challenge Pakistan’s sovereignty but also its administration and the country’s security forces. Hence, Pakistan should be ready to play its part in this significant issue. For this purpose, Pakistan has to ensure its communication with different organizations such as sub-national organizations and international organizations. It should not forget about the pressing need to resolve its internal challenges. For instance, the security threats to the state as well as its administration require immediate attention.

The government should not become complacent. The creation of an independent country is a historical and natural development that changes all its internal polity and the nature of its leadership, which explains the official policy towards its internal affairs. This is an irony that the former colonized independent state acquired an unceasingly limited power to manage its affairs. Hence, it should not ignore international concerns.

Through the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations, Pakistan has to face the challenge of maintaining and promoting a favorable external environment. However, Pakistan has to be ready to meet such challenges as long as it has to focus its attention on territorial integrity and sovereignty. To establish this improved security system, Pakistan has to eliminate the conflict on the border. It should resolve the human rights issue. This would not only improve its alliance with different international organizations but also would create a congenial environment for its cooperation with the Central Asian countries, Russia and China.

According to the relationship between the authorities and the citizens of Pakistan, a powerful interior polity is an indispensable gift of Pakistan to any state. As Pakistan’s interior policy is a relatively new strategic tool, it is essential to assert its authority and handle its power. For this reason, Pakistan’s national rulers have to take steps to remove the main impediment on its path of development and development. To get rid of the negative impact of the historical and natural evolution of its polity and sovereignty, Pakistan has to clarify its national vision and establish a Central Security Zone within its boundaries to serve its national interests and acquire resources for its country. This would make the population feel very proud of their country.

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