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Essay on  ALLAMA Muhammad Iqbal



Allama Iqbal is my favorite poet. He is our national poet. He is also called the philosopher-poet of the East. He was born to Kashmiri parents on November 9, 1877, at Sialkot. He got his early education there. Then he proceeded to Lahore to do his masters. He went to Europe in 1905 for higher education. On his return, he made Lahore his permanent abode and breathed his last there in 1938. He was buried beside the historical Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Allama Iqbal was a poet by nature. His poetry has the greatness of its own. At first, he wrote in Persia but later on, he realized that the common people in India did not understand the Persian language, therefore he began to write in Urdu. His Persian poems can be found in "Payam-e-Mashriq", "Israr-e-Khudi", "Ramuz-e-Bekhudi, "Zaboor-e-Ajam" and "Javed Nama". He has given his deep philosophical ideas on society and religion in these poems. His Urdu poems can be found in "Bang-e-Dara", "Bale-Jibreel", and "Zarb-e-Ka1eem". In these poems, he offers very useful ideas on human life, nature, and God.

Allama Iqbal wrote many Ghazals or Lyrics which express his ideas on love and beauty. He sees the beauty of nature. He expresses his deep love for it in his poems like "Kashmir". In his poems, he writes about birds, mountains, hills, streams, and other beautiful scenes of nature. He looks at the Himalayas from a distance and expresses his feelings about it.

I like Iqbal's poetry because he tries to reform his nation and awake the people from a deep slumber. He evokes the passion for unity and brotherhood among the Muslims and tells them the importance of untiring struggle. Through his poetry, he tells them that unity and struggle are a must to win independence. His verses inspire the reader to struggle against the forces of evil. It was Iqbal who gave the idea of Pakistan. His poetry has an important lesson for the youths. It reminds them of their past glory. He inspires them to achieve the high goal set before them by their forefathers.

Allama Iqbal was deeply interested in religion. He delivered six lectures at Madras which were later published under the title "Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam". Moreover, he expresses his religious feelings and ideas in his two religious poems, "Shikwa" and "Jawab-e-Shikwa". After reading them we find that Iqbal wants us to become true Muslims. These poems are very popular among people and are read everywhere with great enthusiasm.

In short, Iqbal's poetry has an uplifting effect on the soul of the reader. It satisfies the aesthetic sense of the reader and makes him happy. The language of Allama Iqbal is as beautiful as his ideas. He uses very Proper words for his ideas.

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