UHS MDCAT Past Papers 2009 with Keys

Hello students in this blog post you can easily download the UHS Past papers 2009 with keys in pdf for free. In 2nd year  chemistry, elements of their periodic table having partially D or f subshell in a common Oxidation State are called transitional elements. Transition elements are located between s and p block elements in periodic table.

These elements are in transition between electropositive elements of S block and electronegative element of P block and so they are called transition elements. Transition elements are mainly divided into two category. D-block elements, these elements having partially d filled subshells for example, cadmium, and mercury are included in transition elements.

Although they have partially orbitals and properties of zinc and mercury or similar to transition elements and are included and transitional elements. copper have D subshell and transitional in character. Those element having f subshell partially filled in their common Oxidation state are called as block elements F block elements are also called energy conservation elements.

F block elements include two rows at the bottom of periodic table. The First row is called Lanthanide while the second actinide. Lanthanide are radioactive in nature.

  • Transition elements are hard strong and have a high melting and boiling point.
  • Transition elements are good conductor of electricity and heat.
  • Transition elements form alloys with many other matters.
  • Transition elements show variable valence or Oxidation state.
  • Transition elements' compounds are generally coloring in solid and in solution form
  • Transition elements are paramagnetic due to partially filled subshell.
  • Translation elements can form complexes due to the participation of partially filled d subshells. 

The atomic and ionic radii decreases from left to right in period and the block elements. The decrease in radii is due to the increase in attractive force between the effective nuclear charge and electrons in the outermost shells. Atomic and ionic radii of NaCl, Cobalt and iron are almost similar to the similar properties of group VIII-B.

At end of this post you can easily download the UHS MDCAT Past Papers 2009 with Keys in Pdf for Free. Go and download this past papers so you can get idea about the MDCAT exams. Just click on the below button you will download this UHS past papers directly in pdf format.

UHS MDCAT Past Papers 2009 with Keys

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