Peshawar Board Topper Mathematics Papers SSC

Here you can easily download the Mathematics papers of Peshawar board top positional holders. Here we have combined the Top 5 positional holder of BISE Peshawar board SSC. All the papers are available in the pdf format. We are providing all class notes and guides for the help of students.

Our present system of examinations encourages  cramming which nips all the creative qualities of a student in the bud and blunts the age of intellect. The students mug up cheap notes near the examination and made them out on the answer book. They only retain hazy notions of the subject matter. Moreover, moral aspect is ignored in the examinations.

Examination is a game of chance . A scholar who has been burning the midnight oil all the year around may fall ill just before or during the examination and fail. Another lucky fellow commit to memory certain chapters, the question happen to set from that portion. As a result, he secures a good grade. Again, different examiners have different angle of vision. Hence the standard of marking can not be uniform.

So here we are going to provide the BISE Peshawar board top 5 Positional holders Mathematics Papers of SSC  for the year 2019. This is completely available in pdf for free. It is uploaded just for the help of students. So that they can prepare for board exams from these papers.

Subject Topper File Size download
Mathematics 1 7.06 MB Click Here
Mathematics 2 7.29 MB Click Here
Mathematics 3 7.61 MB Click Here
Mathematics 4 9.49 MB Click Here
Mathematics 5 8.34 MB Click Here

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