AKU-EB Solved Past papers SSC-II 2012

Here you will download AKU-EB Solved Past papers of SSC-II for the year 2012. Here you can get all the past papers for all classes of AKU-EB. It is a well-known saying that examinations are not  true test of one's ability. Einstein, the greatest scientist of the 20th century, got plucked in Mathematics. Newton scored a poor third division in his M.A. in Mathematics.

I think the present system of examination should be replaced by a comprehensive new system, in which class-discussion, weekly assignment; monthly tests, aptitude test, participation in co-curricular activities; original thinking, research work and written test should form part of the examination. Some marks should be allotted to personality, behavior and good moral character. In this way examination will become a true test of one's over-all ability and really beneficial. Here you can download the AKU-EB past papers class 10th for the year 2012.

AKU-EB Solved Past papers SSC-II 2012

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