How to apply for PMC Private Medical Colleges  of   Pakistan:

    Pakistan Medical Commission

    Pakistan Medical Commission is a standardized body for the admission regulation in medical and dental Colleges of Pakistan. Old Pakistan Medical and dental Council(PMDC) has been dissolved into Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) by the government of Pakistan.

    Entrance Test:

    There is an entrance test for getting admissions in all public and private medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. This entry test called National medical and Dental colleges admission test (NMDCAT) by PMC.

    Admission in Private Medical and dental colleges:

    Pakistan Medical Commission is Inviting applications from students on a national level, seeking admission in a private medical and dental colleges of Pakistan. After the declaration of the result of National MDCAT PMC invites application for Admission in private colleges. 

    Admission Portal of PMC:

    Pakistan Medical Commission open portal on the official Website of PMC for applying. The admission portal will be open from 19th December 2020 till 8th Jan 2020. PMC  has allowed admission through the portal and there is no submission of application by mail or by hand.

    What is the PMC eligibility criteria?

    The eligibility criteria for admission in private medical and dental colleges of Pakistan is as follows:

        .  Minimum 65% or above marks in FSc/HSSC or A-levels equivalent IBCC certificate

        .  60% or above in MDCAT or SAT 2 ( SAT 2 for Foreign students only)

        In the case of SAT 2, 60%  or above in each subject

    Important Note:

     If you are not able to full fill the eligibility criteria requirements. Then you will not be able to submit your application. Admissions for foreign students will be strictly based on merit. There is no exception or Special quota for Foreign Students.

    MDCAT Exemption Criteria for Foreign Students 200-2021:

    To qualify for the admission Session 2021 only SAT 2 results required instead of MDCAT for the students Who have completed their HSSC programs? 12 years of High school education outside of Pakistan. Marks less than 480 in any SAT 2 subject would make The applicant is ineligible for admission.

         .Weightage of Different subject in SAT 2:

         . Biology:40%

         . Chemistry: 35%

         . Physics/Math's: 25%

    Important: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SAT 1 has Not been conducted universally in 2020. So, therefore, subject English will be an exempted to all those students who have cleared their HSSC/ High School program from any institution in the world where the The medium of teaching is English.

    Documents required to submit your application:

    The following kinds of documents will be required to Submit Your application.

         . Picture

         . CNIC/Passport

         . FSc/HSSC/A Level equivalency document

         . SAT 2 Document (applying based on SAT 2)

    Selection of Colleges:

    All students can select as many colleges as they want 

    For the admissions. The minimum requirement of 

    selection is at least one college of MBBS or BDS 


    Give it a read: PMC Gazette MDCAT in pdf

    Merit Formation Criteria for Private Medical colleges:

    Seeking admission in private sector colleges the Merit generation Criteria will be.

         . FSc/  A-Level IBCC Equivalence certificate: 30%

         . MDCAT / SAT 2 : 50%

         . Interview: 20% (to be conducted by the admitting college)

    PMC Merit List For Private Colleges:

    PMC shall issue the first merit list for each college On the 14th of January 2021.


    Go through all the steps very carefully .So that do not make a single mistake. Good luck with your admission in any Medical and Dental college. If you are selected so don not forget Humanity. You are entering in such a respectable a profession where thousands of students lack getting Admission in medical college. ALLAH Almighty select You in your desired college.

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